Preparing to Sell

boxes_coupleGetting Ready to Sell


• Clear the clutter. Less clutter makes the house seem neater and larger.
• Dust and vacuum as often as needed to present a clean and tidy home. Be sure dishes are put away and kitchen counters are uncluttered. You want your home in the condition you would want for “company” to see on the spur of the moment
• Keep kitchens and bathrooms clean.
• Let there be light. Leave blinds and curtains open to let in natural light in.
• Replace burned out light bulbs.
• Be sure closets are neat and orderly. The goal is to have them look large and organized.
• Keep walls clean. No scuff marks or holes.
• Repair cracks. Cracks in tiles, walls, floors.
• Replace broken windows and molding.
• Inspect and repair major systems, including electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and alarm.
• Brighten up the bathroom. Fix leaky faucets.
• Spice up the kitchen. New cabinet knobs can give a kitchen a whole new look. Keep counter-tops clear of clutter.
• Make sure there are no unpleasant smells anywhere in the house. Keep your home smelling fresh and airy.
• If you have pets, clean up after them and show your property with your pet outside.
• Accessorize. Set the dining room table, put fresh flowers out, a log in the fireplace.
• Turn on all lights in order to highlight the best features of your home and to make it appear bright and comfortable. On a cold day or in evenings, a fire in the fireplace is a very inviting touch.
• Walk through the house before a showing to make sure everything is in the proper place.

Curb Appeal

• Grass should be trimmed and watered. Leaves should be raked.
• Trees and shrubs should be pruned regularly.
• Make sure there is no peeling paint on the house or windows.
• Check the sidewalk and driveway for cracks.
• Repair crooked gutters and missing roof shingles.
• Keep garage door closed and rid the yard of any clutter.
• Keep sidewalk clean of debris.
• Consider planting seasonal flowers to enliven the scene.


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